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Why do I need an interior designer?

Many people ask us if they need an interior designer. It certainly is a good question since social media and renovation shows on TV are giving inspiration by the bucket load.

Saying this, there are serious advantages of engaging an experienced interior designer.


Reduce the stress and enjoy the process: Our lives are extremely busy and having such a large project on your shoulders can be very overwhelming. Engaging an interior designer to draw your home, create 3D renders to allow for visualisation prior to any work commencing can save you time and money. Spending the time designing your kitchen, bathroom, laundry or an entire home renovation prior to any works commencing is extremely valuable.

Budgeting: We all know that budgeting on projects is a crucial component to a successful outcome. Engaging an interior designer will allow you to stay on budget. Depending on the interior designer you select you can also save thousands. We always pass on our trade discounts were ever possible. This will save you a pretty penny when it comes to fixtures, finishes and sometime furnishing.

Think outside the box: We come to you with a fresh view on your property. We will firstly dig down and find what really drives you, your lifestyle and how you live. This allows us to look at the spacial planning and extract the biggest potential from your project.

Choices are in abundance: With so many different suppliers and products in the market it can become overwhelming. What tile goes with what, which finish would suit best Brass, Chrome, Brushed Nickel. We are able to narrow down functionality and desired overall style of the property and provide suitable solutions. Bringing you a selection of samples to save you driving for days on end.

Trusting trades: We can recommend trades that we have engaged on prior jobs and have confidence in the finished product and service. The workmanship that trades bring is the highest priority.

That is just a few examples as to why an Interior Designer is valuable. Always find an Interior Designer you are comfortable with and you can be honest with. Enjoy the process it is very rewarding.

If you would like to discuss all the other advantages, please feel free to call and we would be happy to have a chat.


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